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2004-03-12 :: faery-lights

Note: Ms. Lovejoy's is CLOSED until further notice. If you've requested a review that hasn't been done (whether or not it's on the pending list) please EMAIL me or LEAVE A NOTE-- those who do will go to the front of the list. Otherwise, well, I'm sorry. Don't blame me, blame my staff of reviewers who basically all vanished w/ little or no warning. I'll do the best I can to review everyone who has requested one, but I make no promises. Yes, this sucks. I KNOW. But hey, life sucks. So we should all be used to it by now.

The Stolen Child

Please note that I wrote 99% of this before opening up yesterday's entry. I am not a completely heartless bastard. But I'm not going to change what I wrote.


Dark. I like the big cursive links on the left, but the drop-down menu beneath them clashes a bit. You have two items there called "100 Things", but the second one goes to a page called "links", and there aren't even Six Things there. I'm guessing that's a mistake.

The only real issue I have with your page's 'look' is that, like so many templates nowadays, it assumes that you've got at least 1024x768 pixels. I have 800x600, which means that I've got three scroll bars (one horizontal, two vertical) to deal with if I want to read most of your entries. Unless the entry in question is very short, in which case there are still two bars. At least that horizontal bar doesn't have to be slid back and forth for each line. Your text box isn't quite that wide.

I'm not generally that fond of text boxes, but everyone's using them, so I won't count that against you. Much.

You have excellent spelling and good grammar. Thank you!


Not very dark, except for the lyrics quoting, which you do quite a bit of. As long as you limit it to four lines per entry it's not unacceptable. Unfortunately you often go way longer than that. To your credit, you don't claim to be a goth, just to like gothy stuff. To your debit, you talk about cutting sometimes. This would be an effective attention-getter...if there weren't 5,000 other diaries talking about cutting. Talk more about causes, less about symptoms.

You have a most excellent balance between "things that I did" and "ways that I felt". I'm impressed by your ability to be subjective without losing all objectivity. And you don't take yourself too seriously. You update quite often. Sometimes you even get a little political. The Church of Yot. And you write very well. All good things.


I would be much more likely to come back if you restrained yourself a little on the lyrics-quoting. And if you refrained from attempting suicide. You have a future, and it will be both meaningful and fun, I promise.


B- for style and B+ for substance.